Donation Info

Interested in getting Konditorei goodies donated for an auction, fundraiser, or event?

If you follow the steps below, you may be considered for a Donation Request:

  1. Come to our restaurant in person and fill out our paper form.
  2. Submit it back to be reviewed. 
  3. Wait for a confirmation/reply from our owner via email. (No need to call the restaurant to confirm)


→We are currently at capacity for donation requests this season and will not accept any more at the moment. We will let you know when we have room in our budget for more. Thanks for your understanding.←


  • We recommend filling out a donation request 4-6 months prior to the needed date because we book up for the year very fast and need plenty of time to process our many donation requests. 
  • If we don’t get back to you by your date needed, we may not be able to accommodate your donation request at the moment.
  • Just because a donation form was submitted, doesn’t mean it will be fulfilled due to a limited budget.
  • If you’ve had a certain donation one year, it might not apply the following year.
  • Restrictions apply
We can only provide a limited amount of donations per year so hurry and submit your donation request!

Donations will be in the form of: Free Cake Slice Cards, Discounted Cakes, or Gift Cards.


Buy a handmade greeting card for only $3.00!

Kris Lockard, a local photographer since 1997, takes all of the photographs for the cards. Her pictures includes animals, flowers, and nature. She then donates all of the proceeds to the local Animal Humane Society. Her cards are sold here at the Konditorei as well as other locations. 

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