Donation Info

Interested in getting Konditorei goodies donated for an auction, fundraiser, or event?

If you follow the steps below, you may be considered for a Donation Request:

  1. Come to our restaurant in person and fill out our paper form.
  2. Submit it back to be reviewed. 
  3. Wait for a confirmation/reply from our owner via email. (No need to call the restaurant to confirm)



  • If we don’t get back to you by your date needed, we may not be able to accommodate your donation request at the moment.
  • Just because a donation form was submitted, doesn’t mean it will be fulfilled due to a limited budget.
  • If you’ve had a certain donation one year, it might not apply the following year.
  • Restrictions apply
We can only provide a limited amount of donations per year so hurry and submit your donation request!

Donations will be in the form of Free Cake Slice Cards or Gift Cards.


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