About Us:

The Konditorei [pronounced: Kone-de-tore-eye] is German for cake/pastry shop. 

The Konditorei opened its doors on June 24th, 1982 by Gerry Frank and Barney Rogers. Selling our gourmet cakes along with a small food menu, (Ribbon Loaf, Hot Ham and Cheese, Turkey Salad on Croissant, Spinach Salad etc.) our popularity led to the growth of our lengthy cake list. In 1986, we added quiche to our menu, made fresh from scratch every morning. 

Doreen Hellman, our original baker from Lovin’ Oven, created the first cake recipes. In 1991, Mike and Valerie Schultz bought the Lovin’ Oven and started baking for the Konditorei. Today they bake the majority of our desserts along with a couple other local bakers. 

About our Owners:

Linae Sielicky started working at the Konditorei September 1st, 1988 as an assistant manager and then graduated to manager in 2009. 

When Gerry decided to sell the Konditorei at the age of 94, Linae along with Mike and Val from the Lovin’ Oven bought the establishment July 7th, 2017. Along with our wonderful staff, we will continue the tradition of the Konditorei for years to come.